Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New York Fashion Week: Zac Posen

The prodigal son has come back home in style!
Il figliol prodigo torna a casa, e lo fa in grande stile!

After leaving his hometown for Paris an year ago, declaring that the French audience would better understand his art, Zac Posen is now back to New York. His collection is feminine, sophisticated, coherent, graceful and absolutely PERFECT!

For me it was love at first sight: clean lines and geometries, sober yet not ordinary colors, tulle long shirts and accessories to die for. A mix of timeless Grace Kelly elegance and Natalie Portman's sophisticated bon ton. Everything is so stunning that it is nearly impossible to choose the best outfit. Standing ovation.

Dopo aver lasciato la sua città natale per Parigi dichiarando che il pubblico francese avrebbe apprezzato maggiormente la sua arte, Zac Posen torna a NY e lo fa con una collezione femminile, sofisticata, lineare, elegantissima, assolutamente PERFETTA!

Mi sono innamorata a prima vista di questa collezione, linee classiche e pulite, accostamenti di colore sobri ma non banali, lunghe gonne in tulle e accessori da urlo. Un mix tra l'eleganza senza tempo di Grace Kelly e il bon ton sofisticato di Natalie Portman, è impossibile dire quale sia l'outfit più bello. Standing ovation.

If I really really have to choose, this is my favourite look

All the photos are from Vogue.com

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Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

very dress-y. beautiful. zac is cool!

FAB said...

That last dress is amazing!!!!!!!

DespinaStyle said...

completely grateful for this post cuz i havent seen this collection. absolutely stunning. Zac Posen continues to dazzle..

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