Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MET 2013: Go punk or don't go at all. What NOT to wear on a punk red carpet.

What happens if you don't dare on a red carpet dedicated to punk. Met's 2013 fashion pas faux..
Cosa succede a chi non osa su un tappeto rosso dedicato al punk. I passi falsi del Met 2013..

How would have been punk without anarchy, rebellion, rage and excesses? Probably it would have been really similar to the pink version that we all saw yesterday night at the Met Gala. A nice and girly interpretation, created for star and starlette who didn't dare to risk a bit even on a themed catwalk. A big example is the outfit chosen by the host, Anna Wintour: a sober flowery Chanel outfit to inaugurate an exhibition dedicated to the punk, seriously? She could at least have changed her hairstyle, some blue or pink highlight would have been so good with her bob. :)
With the exceptions of Madonna and Vivienne Westwood, what I saw yesterday on NY's red carpet was just a combination of commonplaces with no creativity at all. Tartan, safety pins, lace, leather, studs all combined with no sense. No. No and no. Here are the biggest pas faux.

Come sarebbe stato il punk senza anarchia, ribellione, rabbia ed eccessi? Probabilmente qualcosa di molto simile alla versione tutta "rosa e fiori" che ne è stata presentata ieri sera al Met. Una variante edulcorata, fatta ad uso e consumo di star e starlette che non hanno osato un tocco anarchico nemmeno su un tappeto rosso a tema. Esempio lampante è stata la padrona di casa, madame Anna Wintour, che si è presentata con un vestito da educanda a fiori di Chanel, senza nemmeno osare scompigliare un capello del suo famosissimo caschetto biondo. Che dire? 
Madonna e nostra signora Vivienne Westwood a parte, quella che ho visto è stata una fiera dei luoghi comuni senza alcuna inventiva. Tartan, spille da baglia, pizzo, pelle, borchie, tutto combinato in modo quasi casuale. NO NO NO. Ecco gli sbagli peggiori.

Anna Wintour in Chanel. Did anyone told her it wasn't the Montecarlo's rose bal?

Anne Hathaway blond and bondage. No please.

Carey Mulligan thought that adding a safety pin on her Balenciaga would have been enought. Boring.

Donatella and Allegra Versace, Marylin Manson's style

Greta Gerwig, I don't even know who she is, but everything in this pic is wrong

Probably nobody told Gwyneth that the theme was punk, not pink

Please someone explain to Kim Kardashian what a pregnant woman should dress

 Linda Evangelista playing the fairy goodmother

Nicki Minaj, no comment needed

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