Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shadows of summer: the hottest sunglasses of the season

Oversized, aviator or cat eyes, here are the must have sunglasses of the season.
Over, aviator o da gatta, ecco gli occhiali must di stagione.

1. Acne transparent pink wayfarer, 363 Dollars
2. Tortoiseshell and architectural sunglasses by Miu Miu, 337 Dollars
3. Super translucent round frame for E&E Glasses, 100 Dollars
4. Linda Farrow Jackie O' Style, 530 Dollars
5. Alexander Wang pointy cat-eyes, 355 Dollars
6. Aviator with a twist by Jo Fresh, 19 Dollars

1. Rosa trasparente per gli occhiali di Acne, 363 dollari
2. Silouhette architettonica e montatura in tartaruga, Miu Miu 337 dollari
3. Montatura tonda e traslucida per E&E Glasses, 100 dollari
4. In perfetto stile Jackie O' gli occhiali di Linda Farrow, 530 dollari
5. A punta, da vera catwoman, Alexander Wang 355 dollari
6. I classici aviator, ma con un twist, Jo Fresh 19 dollari

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cara said...

I love 2 and 5. I feel like playing on the traditional cat-eye frame is a big trend for this summer. I just bought a pair like 2 and I've been loving wearing them. I always buy cheap sunglasses because I always break or lose them, but I haven't lost these for a few weeks (which I think is a testament to my love for them). :)


Georgia. said...

I love these!! How gorgeous!
I couldnt find how to follow you by GFC btw! Following via bloglovin though :)
Georgia xx

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