Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Black is back

Vogue Paris, September issue 2012

We know, black is always on fashion, especially combined with lace or chiffon. But if even Vogue Paris decides to build the entire September Issue (with an amazing Kate Moss on the cover) around it, we don't have any choice: it's time to go to the closest store and buy a black total look, to turn into a femme fatale, ça va sans dire.

Si sa, il nero non passa mai di moda, specialmente se abbinato a pizzo e chiffon. E se anche Vogue Paris gli dedica l'intero numero di settembre (con una strepitosa Kate Moss in copertina), non ci resta che fondarci al primo negozio per comprarci un look total black, da femme fatale ça va sans dire.

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Kionon said...

Was it ever gone?

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